Dropout rates for students who come from low income families are seven times higher than those from families with higher incomes.

Fresno Housing Education Corps

In the heart of the Central Valley we have 50,000 residents of the Fresno Housing Authority that can become self-sufficient, with the help of educational success. Of that 50,000, 24,000 are children.

The Fresno Housing Education Corps works to improve academic achievement by partnering with local school districts, community partners throughout Fresno County, and the Fresno Housing Authority to create a framework to fill the gaps and extend education beyond the classroom. Instead of creating the educational programming we partner with existing programs and bring them to our residents. This allows for a safe, consistent, and unintimidating environment to make it easy for families to accomplish their personal, educational, and economic goals.

Our Focus: Education

Parent Engagement. Decades of research shows that when parents are involved students have: higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates, better school attendance, increased motivation, better self-esteem, lower rates of suspension, decreased use of drugs and alcohol, and fewer instances of violent behavior (MDOE, 2001). By partnering with parent engagement programs we are able to help our parents understand what their children are learning, what they are dealing with, and how they can support both in and out of the home.

Preschool. High-quality preschool education increases the ability for children to succeed in elementary and secondary education, which will increase high school graduation rates, and generates economic returns for the community. In partnership with our school districts throughout the city and county of Fresno we are helping get our children enrolled to preschool and on the path to a successful education career.

Reading. Reading proficiency by third grade is the most important predictor of high school graduation and career success (CGLR, 2012). In Fresno County over 50% of all third graders are not reading proficiently (B3, 2012). By working with existing reading programs we are able to support our children’s reading comprehension and help lower the number of children that are not reading proficiently in third grade.

Empowering Fresno families to achieve
self-sufficiency through education.