What is your focus?

Our focus is education. Education doesn’t just occur in the classroom; in addition to supporting K–12 and higher education, we promote and support preschool/transitional kindergarten, 3rd grade reading, and parent engagement.

Why is education important?

Education is the core of self-sufficiency and economic growth. We seek to inspire a culture of learning where clients can dream, set goals, and map a course using the educational tools and resources that we provide.

How are you different than traditional school?

We work with the school districts and local educational programs to supplement and enhance the education of our clients.

How do you make decisions?

We make decisions using data provided to us by our educational partners to determine our ability to make the most positive impact. We are agile and can re-direct as needed to fulfill the need of our residents.

Who are your partners?

Please visit our Community Partners page

How long has the Fresno Housing Education Corps been around?

We started as the Family Self-Sufficiency program in 1995 to improve Fresno County communities by eliminating barriers to economic self-sufficiency at the individual and family level.

Since 2009, the program has expanded its services to include additional families in the FHA housing programs as a measure to serve a larger segment of the low-income population of our community.

In 2013, the Family Self-Sufficiency program became the Fresno Housing Education Corps.

How is the money spent?

The Fresno Housing Education Corps utilizes corporate and individual donations to provide scholarships, monitor and track student achievement, provide preschool/transitional kindergarten opportunities, reading programs to help students get on track, and education and training for parents to become involved in their student’s education. The successes of client families are made possible by your continued donor support.