Chrissy Lilly is a true community leader

From the very early days at Renaissance at Santa Clara, Chrissy Lilly has risen to become a true community leader. Always willing to lend a helping hand to staff or fellow residents, Chrissy has also focused on the hard work it takes to maintain her sobriety.

Chrissy has struggled to stay clean and sober for years. Living on the streets for more than five years, she overcame numerous setbacks. Yet she has continually and consistently risen to meet these challenges, including her decision to enroll in weekly counseling sessions with a drug counselor.

Though taken for granted by many, one of Chrissy’s greatest accomplishments has been obtaining employment. While cleaning her apartment one day, she found a transcript from an interview with a former mentor, prompting her to recall her aspirations to become an in-home care provider. She recently accomplished this goal, becoming employed with Fresno County In-Home Supportive Services and will soon be providing care for one of the elderly residents at Renaissance.