Daniel Sandoval shares hope

Daniel Sandoval was one of the first residents at Renaissance at Trinity when the doors opened in August 2011. More accustomed to the loose and open environment of living on the streets with others, Daniel was new to this type of housing situation and initially experienced some difficulty adjusting to living alone and having many different kinds of services available. As time passed, though, he took advantage of the various workshops available at Renaissance — helping him improve his outlook and learn about the resources and services he could now access. Since then, Daniel’s health has improved and he’s gained confidence in social situations. Today he is employed as the receptionist at Exodus Recovery.

Daniel frequently expresses how grateful he is to those who have helped him arrive at this point in his life. During workshops he shares this hope with other residents — some of whom are struggling with similar issues — and he is a consistent and strong advocate for his fellow neighbors. Daniel has rebuilt his relationship with his children and spends time with family when his work schedule permits.