Larry sees the opportunity.


Larry Collins was one of the first residents to move in when Renaissance at Santa Clara first opened in November 2012.  After being homeless for 15 years, moving into Renaissance was a huge accomplishment.

While getting settled, Larry wanted to make sure he did his part to keep Renaissance a vibrant community. He decided to give back by cleaning the portable restrooms that had been donated by a local nonprofit as a service to the people living in the nearby encampments. Not only did Larry keep the portable restrooms clean, he supplied toilet tissue from donations he received from a local group, Wings of Fresno.

Larry also emerged as a leader for the community garden. Knowing how greatly the residents would appreciate fresh fruits and vegetables, he worked closely with other residents to build a garden that everyone could enjoy. He doesn’t take what he has for granted and feels for those who are still struggling with homelessness.

Larry has also taken the initiative to clean up around Renaissance at Santa Clara, a place he now calls home. He has been rewarded with a stipend for his hard work and continues to be very appreciative.