Priscilla Ruiz has a can-do attitude with a focus on education

As a single mother with five children, Priscilla Ruiz has a busy schedule. She juggles work in retail and involvement in her children’s schooling, exhibiting a firm dedication to securing her family’s future. And now she’s working to help other families, too.

In May 2013, Priscilla signed up to become a resident instructor in the K-READ program at Parc Grove Commons, sponsored by Every Neighborhood Partnership (ENP). Priscilla completed three ENP training sessions and began teaching in September. Of the six residents originally enrolled, Priscilla persevered, and since completing this training, has been conducting outstanding class sessions for parents and young children.

These efforts have been critical to strengthening Priscilla’s self-confidence. Overcoming obstacles and challenges, Priscilla continues her busy schedule, maintaining a can-do attitude and focus on education.