Trina is working towards a brighter future.


Trina Fane is a direct support professional and has been employed with Bethesda Lutheran Communities since July 2013.  She obtained employment after receiving Section 8 assistance from Fresno Housing Authority. Trina provides care to six adults in a residential home. She cooks for them, helps them clean their apartment rooms, takes them to appointments, and assists in other daily tasks.  Trina’s clients are adults with disabilities limiting their personal functions. Trina is also a single mother of five children, three of whom still live with her. Her three children are: Davon, age 14; Aaliyah, age 9;  and Alicia, age 8. Trina is a determined person with a heart of compassion.


Trina started her family at a young age. Rather than continuing with her studies, Trina chose to devote her life to raising her family. She has always worked with fervor but knew she needed a GED to improve her wages. Trina hope to find a career in the medical field. While she doesn’t yet know in what capacity she wants to work, she enjoys helping people and would like to continue caring for individuals as a profession.


Trina is part of the GED cohort at Parc Grove Commons (PGC) which began in January 2014. Everyone in the cohort notices Trina’s commitment to her class work. She has never missed a class and is always to first one ready to learn. Though Trina indicates the material is difficult, she studies to understand the GED subjects and is determined to succeed. Along with the GED group tutoring sessions offered at PGC, Trina participates in one-on-one tutoring and receives additional help from family members.


When asked about what the completion of the GED will mean to her, Trina says, “It will be a big accomplishment! I want my girls to be more than I am. I want my son to be what he wants to be when he grows up. I want to be a role model for my kids.” Trina is already a role model. She is the epitome of a passionate student, and her determination will lead her to her GED and sights far greater.