Esmeralda understands the importance of community.


Esmeralda Torres is a caring and giving person. Quickly after moving into Parc Grove Commons, she volunteered her time to assist students in the homework lab and chaperone children during afternoon  snack distribution. Esmeralda is faithful in attending the many workshops provided by Fresno Housing Resident Services. She often invites family members and friends to participate in workshop discussions, and she has a tremendous spirit that creates an environment of comfort and compassion.

Esmeralda is the mother of five children: Breanna, age 14; Michael, age 13; Alex, age 9; Alynna, age 7; and Aryanna, age 3. She and her husband, Miguel Torres, raise their children with love for each other and respect for their community. Esmeralda married young and devoted her time and energy to raising her children. While attending an educational workshop sponsored by Fresno State at Parc Grove Commons, Esmeralda inquired about the GED program starting January 2014. She quickly signed up and attended the orientation.  Esmeralda has worked hard to prepare for her GED test. She has already passed the Language Arts section and is scheduled to take the next three sections in November 2014.  Esmeralda attends her tutoring sessions faithfully and is excited about obtaining her GED.

Esmeralda receives a tremendous amount of support from her children. She often discusses her academic questions with her older daughter and son. With an understanding of the subject concepts, the older children happily assist their mom with homework. They are excited to see their mom graduate with her GED.  Esmeralda wishes to attend college to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree and feels a sense of accomplishment by achieving an overdue goal of becoming a high school graduate.  She is a force to be reckoned with and and extraordinary role model to her children.