Rosa Maria Moya for Home Ownership

For 12 years, Rosa Maria Moya lived in the Laton Apartments, part of the public housing network owned and operated by Fresno Housing Authority. The Laton property is a close community where people know each other, and many are deeply involved with local schools and churches. She has worked steadily in customer service at JC Penney for nearly ten years, and like many public housing residents, had a vision of owning her own home. Recently Rosa saw that vision come true.

With determination and focus, and with the vital assistance of home ownership counseling programs provided by Fresno Housing, Rosa was able to prepare herself for purchasing a home — learning about real estate transactions, mortgage options, home energy costs, inspections and appraisals, and how to navigate the myriad of home insurance options. Rosa has already moved into her new home in Armona where she lives with two of her three children.